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Its time to begin having some fun!
We are going to begin playing some Husky games for prizes including but not limited to; free set of 2nd shots, free T-Shirt, free day of boarding, free toys and more! Our grand prize is a Doggie Stroller!!

Rules: Send your answers to [email protected]

1. What ranking is the Siberian Husky for 2018? (Most popular dog breed)

2. Name 3 Personality Traits of the Siberian husky?

3. What are the health issues Siberian Huskies may face?
4. How much food is required for a grown Siberian husky?

5. How can you keep your Siberian Husky healthy?

6. What is the difference between Northern and Southern Breeds?

7. List the benefits of fish oil for dogs?

8. List the poisionist food items for dogs?

9. How many puppy shots are needed?

10. How often is Heartworm prevention given?

11. At what age can you let your Siberian husky off leash?
12.Can Siberian Huskies live in the Texas Heat?
13.In what year was the Siberian husky officially recognized by AKC?
14.What is the best way to bond with your Siberian husky?
15.After 1 year of age, how often does your Siberian husky need to be groomed?

16.What is the #1 stolen dog?
17.What colors can Siberian Huskies be?
18. How many breeds are recognized by AKC? 
19. How many Males do we currently have?
20. How many Females do we currently have?